Good Health

Starts in the kitchen


At MaddieGirl® we understand the importance of good food for good health. That is why we use REAL organic human-grade food. Each ingredient is carefully considered and chosen to provide optimal health benefits and to of course be tasty for your dog.

Organic Protein: Ground Organic Meats & Organic Eggs - Animal proteins are the most effective; they are complete proteins and easily digested. Plant proteins tend to be harder to absorb. MaddieGirl® only uses certified organic meats and eggs.

Organic Vegetables: An array of vegetables is important as they supply vital nutrients, fiber and enzymes.

Organic Fruits: While certainly dogs love sweet fruit for the taste, their bodies love the antioxidants and nutrients.

Organic Whole Grains: Rice and Oats are a good source of carbohydrates and fiber.

Organic Good Fats: Dogs need fat. Too little of it will cause skin & coat problems as well as create a constant feeling of hunger. Fat is especially important for active dogs; it is a good source of energy.

Calcium: Because dogs require so much protein they need quite a bit of calcium and phosphorus. The best source are bones which is why MaddieGirl® dog food contains bone meal powder.

Vitamins & Minerals:MaddieGirl® dog food contains nutritional yeast, a natural source for many vitamins and minerals. We also add kelp powder and natural soy lecithin for a nutritional boost


How Much Should you Feed Your Dog?


Maddie Food


Up to 10 lbs         1/4 to 3/4 cups (2-6oz) 

10 to 19 lbs          3/4 to 1 cup (6-8 oz) 

20 to 29 lbs         1 to 1 1/4 cups (8-10 oz) 

30 to 49 lbs         1 1/4 to 2 cups (10-17 oz)

50 to 69lbs          2 to 2 3/4 cups (17-23 oz)

70 to 100lbs         2 3/4 to 5 cups (23-40 oz)

* If your dog is pregnant, nursing, or is a puppy you may need to feed up to twice the recommended amount of food. Check with your vet if you have questions about your dog's particular needs.


Whenever you change your dog’s food you have to transition SLOWLY. Transitioning too quickly can lead to stomach upset and stool changes. To gradually get your dog accustomed to the new food replace increasing amounts of the old food with the new food. The transition can take a couple of weeks. You may also want to heat the food a little bit. Some dogs can’t tolerate cold foods.


A great snack after each meal is a raw carrot. It provides vitamins and enzymes, is low in calories and has the bonus of cleaning your dogs teeth. Raw bones are also great for cleaning teeth and providing calcium (Raw bones are perishable. Do not let your dog chew on one for longer than one day) and minerals. We also add kelp powder and natural soy lecithin for a nutritional boost.


To increase your dog's ability to maintain a healthy immune system try adding a spoonful (or two) of plain organic yogurt to their morning meal. Your dog will LOVE it!