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MaddieGirl® dog food was originally created for my dog, Maddie, during the massive Menu Foods recall in 2007. Maddie was just a little puppy at the time and eating what I thought was a premium dry puppy food. It turns out that it was on the list of foods made by Menu Foods. I threw out that bag of food and immediately began to cook for her. I no longer trusted any of the large commercial dog food brands.

Because Maddie was just a puppy, I was very concerned about giving her a diet that would provide everything she needed to grow. So, I began to read everything I could and to interview vets about dog nutrition. I also started reading veterinary nutrition text books. The main one being the Small Animal Clinical Nutrition written by Hand, Thatcher, Remillard, and Roudebush. Once I had what I thought was a good formula I worked with a laboratory in San Francisco to run a chemical analysis to ensure that I was meeting AAFCO standards. It took a few iterations, but I got there in the end and Maddie had a food that she loved and that I knew was good for her.

After a while friends noticed Maddie's great coat and physique and they began to ask me what I was feeding her. Then I got asked if I would cook some food for their dogs. So I created MaddieGirl® Organic Dog Food.

Over the years, organic dog food and even cooking for your dog has gained momentum within the pet world, which is fantastic for our four-legged buddies. There was a time when people thought I was crazy feeding my dog grass-fed organic ground beef! However, now it seems that even commercial pet food companies are starting to realize that our pets need real food, just like us. So the next time you purchase food for your dog, give us a try, or at least turn the bag over and look at what you really are putting in your dog's bowl. Would you want to eat it? If not, maybe your dog shouldn't either.

MaddieGirl® Organic Dog Food is a licensed Pet Food Processor in the states of California and Washington.