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There is clean, and then there is MaddieGirl® clean.

With the MaddieGirl® range of organic bathing products you can be sure your dog is getting clean without being exposed to the toxic chemicals that leave your dog, well, not exactly clean. Created with organic essential oils and botanicals, these products will leave your dog’s fur and skin beautifully and healthfully clean.

All of our products are free from Parabens, Colorants, Sulfates, and GMOs. They are also Vegan, Non-Toxic and of course, Cruelty Free.

MaddieGirl® Scruffy Dog

A leave-in conditioner MaddieGirl® Scruffy Dog Conditioner is a light weight leave-in formula that softens and nourishes your dog’s fur.


MaddieGirl® Itchy Dog

A skin soothing shampoo
Formulated with Organic Ingredients, MaddieGirl® Itchy Dog shampoo is perfect for dogs with sensitive or irritated skin.


MaddieGirl® Dirty Dog

A deep cleansing detox shampoo
MaddieGirl® Dirty Dog is a shampoo which gently but thoroughly removes dirt and regulates ph balance.  


MaddieGirl® Stinky Dog

A daily refreshing body spray
MaddieGirl® Stinky Dog Refreshing Body Spray can be used anytime and anywhere to instantly freshen your dog’s coat.


Good Health Starts in the Kitchen

At MaddieGirl® we understand the importance of good food for good health. That is why we use REAL organic human-grade food. Each ingredient is carefully considered and chosen to provide optimal health benefits and to of course be tasty for your dog.